How do I add credit to my SimpleFraud account?

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How do I add credit to my SimpleFraud account?

SimpleFraud uses a credit based invoice system to process your fees for guaranteed transactions and to maintain your credit balance.

Adding Credit

Adding credit to your SimpleFraud account is currently done thru your client area account on

To login now go here:

  • Once you have logged into your client account click on the Billing menu tab and a drop-down menu will open - click on the "Add Funds" link. Alternatively there is an "Available Credit Balance" widget displayed in your client account overview page/home page where you can select the Add Funds button as well.
  • When the Add Funds page open you have the option to add additional credit funds to your account through PayPal or a credit card on file attached to your account.
  • The minimum amount that can be deposited at a time it $10. USD - all credit added is non-refundable and will be debited against when cases are scored and or have received a guarantee against chargeback.
  • When your account credit balance reaches a balance of $5. or less you will be notified of a low balance by email and inside your SimpleFraud dashboard, you can also set your own notification minimum amount from your dashboard higher than the $5 default.

What if my credit balance reaches a zero balance - $0.00?

  • If your funds drop below a zero balance all new accounts have a short time (24 hours) to replenish their credit balance before SimpleFraud will stop processing cases for you.
  • Accounts that have been active for longer than three months will have a longer grace period where your balance will be allowed to remain negative for a short time.
  • Future updates will include the ability to add credit from your SimpleFraud dashboard manually or automated when your balance reaches a set amount if you have a PayPal account or credit card attached to your SimpleFraud account.

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