How do I get reimbursed for a chargeback on a Guaranteed Order?

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How do I get reimbursed for a chargeback on a Guaranteed Order?

Customers receive fraud-related chargebacks from time to time. If you receive an eligible chargeback on a guaranteed order, please use the following steps to submit your chargeback claim and receive your chargeback reimbursement.

Submitting a Chargeback Claim

  1. Locate the appropriate case within your SimpleFraud case console and select the chargeback button.

  2. A chargeback submissions claim form will open that will contain all the necessary details about the order in question. Yuu should print this information and attach it to the paper work you recieved from the banking institute that filed the chargeback and keep them for your records.

  3. At the bottom of the form you will be prompted to provide a "Chargeback Tracking Number" - this is required to submit the chargeback reimbursement request

  4. Next select how you would like to be reimbursed for this chargeback. "Check by Mail, PayPal or Account Credit" - if you choose PayPal you must provide the email address for the PayPal account you would like your funds sent to.

  5. When you have provided all the required information, click Submit.

  6. You will see a confirmation message:

    "Chargeback successfully submitted" for Case ID: # and a support ticket has automatically been opened for this chargeback. You will receive an email shortly with further instructions to complete your chargeback reimbursement request.

  7. The email you receive will have a link to the support ticket that was opened in your account where you will need to upload copies of the documents you received from the banking institute which issued the chargeback. The same documents you obtained the chargeback tracking number from.

  8. Next you will need to follow the directions in the email you received to complete the submission process by uploading the required documents to the support ticket that was opened when the chargeback was submitted for this case.

  9. At any time you can check the status of the chargeback by clicking on the chargeback button (now orange to show the status has changed and a chargeback is pending) in your case console

After the everything has been reviewed and everything matches from the documents that you uploaded your reimbursement will be distributed to you in the form you selected on form submission, the case support ticket will be closed and you will be notified by email. The status of the chargeback in your case console will then change to approved and the chargeback button will turn green.

If for any reason there was a problem verifying the chargeback or the information in the documents provided do not match the case they were submitted for, you will be notified by email and the chargeback status for the case in your SimpleFraud case console will changed to denied and the chargeback button will turn red.

PLEASE NOTE: If the order was processed with PayPal there are a few additional items we will need in the form of screen captures to complete the chargeback reimbursement process.

  1. In PayPal's Resolution Center Main Page, select Open Cases View that shows the chargeback you are filing a claim for. Take a screenshot and attach a copy to the opened chargeback ticket.

  2. Click on the Case Action link (far right) to view the Case activity details - take another screenshot and attach a copy to the opened chargeback ticket.

  3. Attach a copy or screenshot of the transaction details from your payment processor to assist us in tying the chargeback to the order to the opened chargeback ticket as well. Alternatively, you can send a screenshot of the order that shows the field "Pp ref" which you should find under the credit card processed event.

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