How do I get SimpleFraud?

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How do I get SimpleFraud?
SimpleFraud is licensed and distributed by DevFX, Inc. on
  • To get SimpleFraud go to
  • Once there you need to select the version of SimpleFraud being distributed for your customer/client billing management/cart system (currently available for WHMCS)
  • During the checkout process you you can choose the plan option and platform you wish to use "Advanced ScorePlus or Guaranteed CompletePlus."
  • The SimpleFraud Suite is FREE to download although you are required to have an active account with DevFX and maintain a credit balance for the associated fees that are debited by the plan you choose.
  • You have the choice of adding credit at the time of signing up or by adding credit after your account has been approved for use with SimpleFraud. The minimum starting balance is $10. USD - this is not required during checkout, but will be required to use the Advanced ScorePlus and/or Guaranteed CompletePlus API's for advanced scoring and or guarantees against chargebacks. All users have 24 hours from the time of activation to add funds to their account or any orders processed with SimpleFraud with a guarantee will be cancelled and the license for your account will be automatically suspended rendering your SimpleFraud Suite unusable until you make a deposit. The 24 hour zero funds available warning allows you to test SimpleFraud for 24 hours.
  • In addition for a small fee the SimpleFraud Team would be more than happy to install and configure SimpleFraud into your existing customer/client billing and management system. This option is available as an addon during the order process for $15 USD.
  • After you have signed up, the information you provided will be verified. Once verified and approved you will receive a welcome letter in your email with further instructions on downloading, installing and configuring your new SimpleFraud Fraud Management Suite of Tools.

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