How do I resubmit a Guarantee?

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How do I resubmit a Guarantee?

Why resubmit a Guarantee?

  • You disagree with our decision.
  • Your customer has changed order information such as the billing and/or shipping address.
  • Adding AVS and CCV verification data from your payment gateway to the case.

How to Resubmit a Guarantee

  1. Select the Re-Submit Guarantee Request button next to the order/case in your SimpleFraud case console. Note that you have 13 days from the date the order was originally created to resubmit for a no-chargeback guarantee.

  2. A pop-up submission form will open, here you need to provide as much information as possible for our fraud analysts to review. You can provide details about communication with the client in a note attachment area as well as provide AVS and CVV verification results from your payament processor

  3. You may add the following types of information

    • There is a notes field where you can include any additional notes on the case, any contact or communication you've had with the clients, notify of updated address information and any other reason you feel the case should be guaranteed.

    • If you can obtain the AVS and CVV response verification codes from your payment gateway - please providethe appropriate codes in the supplied form to attach to this case. If you are re-submitting a case for a guarantee it is highly recommended that you provide the AVS and CCV response codes which greatly influence the request in your favor.

    • Once you've added all the information, push the submit button and your second request for a guarantee will be submitted.

  4. The case will refresh automatically and the guarantee status will change to pending (orange), confirming that your order has be resubmitted.

  5. Our fraud analysts will review and disposition your order after reviewing the information you submitted as either approved or declined.

    At anytime you can refresh the case to check the status of the guarantee disposition.

    Once a decision has been made by our analysts the final status of the guarantee disposition will be displayed. Once a second guarantee request has been made for a given order/case you will not be able to re-submit another request for a guarantee no matter what the guarantee disposition is. This is why it is important to include as much additional information when you re-submit a guarantee request on a case.

If you have any problems or questions, reach out to our support department.

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