I have forgotten my login, how do I reset it?

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I have forgotten my login, how do I reset it?
  1. Select the Login link at the top right corner of any page on the DevFX website.

  2. In the Login window that opens, select the Forgot Password? link near the bottom of the pop-up.

  3. In the Forgot Password page that opens, enter your account email address then select the Submit button

  4. If the email you entered is a valid account you will see a response indicating that a validation email has been sent to the account.

  5. In the validation email you will receive a password reset validation reset link. You must click on the link to reset your account password.

  6. The password reset page will open, enter your new password into both password fields then select Reset My Password.

  7. You will automatically be logged into your account with the following message displaying on the page “YOUR PASSWORD HAS BEEN RESET”.

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