I received a chargeback. What can I do?

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I received a chargeback. What can I do?

If you aren't already...

Use SimpleFraud's Guaranteed Payments (chargeback insurance) for future orders.

If we approve an order but you later get a chargeback, we'll reimburse you the chargeback amount and shipping costs if it was a shipped product. Learn more about Guaranteed Payments.

Report your chargeback to SimpleFraud.

Previously guaranteed or not!

If you receive a chargeback on an order whether it was Guaranteed or not, let us know about it by selecting the Chargeback button.

We'll record the individuals (or data points such as a billing/delivery/IP address, phone number or email) that have been associated with a chargeback. Doing so benefits everyone in the SimpleFraud network.

  • Improves SimpleFraud score for merchants
  • Shares the data with every merchant

We'll flag your future orders if it contains a fraudulent data point, such as an email address.

Submit your chargeback to SimpleFraud.

If you submitted an order for Guaranteed Payments and have received a chargeback, you can submit the chargeback for reimbursement.

Submit your chargeback for reimbursement

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