New Features coming to SimpleFraud soon

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New Features coming to SimpleFraud soon

List of features soon to be implemented into SimpleFraud's Suite of Tools

Features in development for SimpleFraud Plus fraud screening and prevention:

  • Payment Gateway Support with AVS and CVV response codes
  • Device Finger Printing
  • Re-Run Fraud Check
  • Submit Past Orders for Guarantee
Payment Gateway Support

AVS and CCV verification integration from your existing payment gateway will soon be integrated into SimpleFraud. Currently you can supply this information when re-requesting a guarantee for a previously submitted case/order by obtaining the response codes for AVS and CCV from your payment gateway and entering the information into the provided fields when you ask for a guarantee from within your SimpleFraud Dashboard. Submitting the AVS and CCV response codes when asking for a guarantee will greatly increase the odds of the case/order being guaranteed against a chargeback. Do to the current limitations of WHMCS and the response handling from the payment gateways that are available add-ons to WHMCS, AVS and CCV responses are not available by default.

Device Fingerprinting

A device fingerprint or machine fingerprint is information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification. Fingerprints can be used to fully or partially identify users and there devices even when cookies are turned off, or they are behind a proxy. Device fingerprinting in combination with fraud management can greatly reduce the impact fraudulent users and devices have on your site in a number of ways from increased site performance to reducing the man-hours needed to verify legitimate orders by eliminating known malicious or fraudulently used devices before they even view your website/storefront.

Re-Run Fraud Check

We intended on this feature being available on initial release, however do to a limitation in WHMCS - the built in re-run fraud check is configured to only work with Max-Mind the existing built in fraud prevention measure even if you configure WHMCS to use a different fraud management addon. This is just a minor hurdle but requires we create a SimpleFraud dedicated function for this purpose. This is scheduled to be available in the next update for SimpleFraud.

Submit Past Orders for Guarantee

This addition will serve a couple purposes. For one you will be able to submit any past order to see what kind of a response or test what kind of response SimpleFraud would have provided for a known good order or bad order that you have processed within your system. More importantly this will give you the ability to create a case and ask for a guarantee on recent active orders in your system in an effort to protect your assets prior to your use of SimpleFraud.

Management features being added to the SimpleFraud case console:

  • Search and Paging
  • Custom Reports
  • Complete Order Management
Search and Paging

Sorting, search and paging in the SimpleFraud Console will be available in the next update.

Custom Reports

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports will be view-able and downloadable from within your SimpleFraud Console in a future update. Currently everything is tracked through your invoices with DevFX and can be managed at anytime by logging into your account on

Complete Order Management

Aside from the already full functioning SimpleFraud dashboard providing everything you need to manage fraud on an order by order bases, we will be introducing a full "Order Management Console" for the SimpleFraud suite of tools. The SimpleFraud (OMC) Order Management Console will containing an exploded report view with graphs, maps and detailed information about your clients as well as full order and fraud management control on an order by order basis.

Configurable features being added to the SimpleFraud Suite:

  • Cron Sync/Update Cases
  • Automatic Updates
  • Email & Text/MMS Notifications
Cron Sync and Case Updates

In addition to the the current configurable cron options included in SimpleFraud trigger by the integrated systems daily cron. We will be adding exclusive cron tasks to better maintain synchronization of cases and reports, with skip and allow parameters based on your needs. We will also be adding the option to have your case report sent with your daily cron log.

Automatic SimpleFraud Suite Tool Updates

To simplify future update, rather than having to download a new deployment package every time there is an update available for SimpleFraud, we will be building in an option to automatically get and deploy updates when they are available for SimpleFraud.

More Email Notification Option with Text/MMS Instant Notification

In addition to email notifications there will be configurable options you can setup to notify you via instant message when certain conditions are met.

If you would like to make a SimpleFraud feature request, please visit our "Feature Request Forum" for instructions. You are also free to view the current feature requests listed by other users and vote on any you would like to see added to SimpleFraud's suite of tools.