Post Feature Requests Here!

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Post Feature Requests Here!

SimpleFraud account holders and members can post requests for features they would like to see added to SimpleFraud's suite of tools.

Let us know anything you would like us to consider adding that you think could improve or make SimpleFraud better for you and everyone else.

Please check the current features list SimpleFraud Current Features List and New Features coming to SimpleFraud soon before posting anything new to make sure it isn't already in or on the list of features that will be added in a future update to the SimpleFraud suite.

New features are added/implemented as needed and/or if there is a demand for it. Please give a good, clear supporting reason why your feature request should be implemented and include any workflow examples you feel would support that request.

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Once you post a feature request other members can comment and vote on your request.

Thank You,
The SimpleFraud Team