SimpleFraud Current Features List

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SimpleFraud Current Features List

Features that are currently available with SimpleFraud's fraud prevention and management suite of tools.

  • Check Orders for Fraud
  • No-Chargeback Guarantees
    "Chargeback Insurance"
  • Flag Orders Good and Bad
  • Process Chargeback
  • Premium Fraud Scoring
  • Automated Fraud Handling
  • Overview Widget and Notifications
  • Case Console, Order Management
  • Credit Balance Monitoring, Warnings
  • Update Notifications
  • Configurable Automation
SimpleFraud checks every order for fraud.

It doesn't matter what platform you are on SimpleFraud will check every new order for fraud and provide a detailed report of the findings with the orders details. If we think it's fraudulent, you'll no why!

SimpleFraud provides complete order assurance with guarantees against chargebacks a.k.a "Chargeback Insurance"

You can submit and resubmit orders for chargeback insurance from within the SimpleFraud case console with the simple click of a button that submits a request for guarantee.

  • If you are on SimpleFraud's Guaranteed CompletePlus platform every order your system checks for fraud will automatically submit the first guarantee request during the fraud check process. By default if an order receives a guarantee it is processed as a good order and the checkout process completes accepting payment from the client. If an order is denied a guarantee the order is treated as fraudulent and the checkout process is stopped without accepting payment and cancels the order in your system. If for any reason the order cannot be guaranteed you are not charged any chargeback insurance fees. At anytime you can resubmit an order making a second guarantee request if the order was previously denied a guarantee and or you were also using the Advanced ScorePlus platform as a second opinion/fallback as a configured option.
  • When making another request for guarantee you can include additional details such as your payment gateways "AVS" and "CCV" response codes from the orders payment transaction along with any notable communication you may have had with the customer/client placing the order, if you have had any all.
  • If you are on SimpleFraud's Advanced ScorePlus platform orders are not automatically submitted for guarantees against chargeback during the order process. Users on this platform have the option to pick and choose the orders they want to request chargeback insurance for.
  • Both platforms allow you to submit a second guarantee request for chargeback insurance on any order through the built in case console with a simple click of a button.

View our "Guaranteed Payments (Chargeback Insurance)" forum for more details

SimpleFraud allows you to easily flag orders good or bad to improve the machine learning model used to check for fraud.

If you know the order is good - tell us it's good, if you know it's bad - tell us it's bad with a button click from your case console. It's that easy!

  • SimpleFraud uses machine learning algorithms to fight fraud
  • Flagging order with the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons in the case console improves the machine learning models SimpleFraud uses.
  • If you believe or know the order is good, click the thumbs up button. This tells the machine learning models you believe this is a good customer and will help it learn.
  • If you believe or know the order is bad, click the thumbs down button. This tells the machine learning models you believe this is a bad customer also improving and helping the models learn.
  • Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down ...pretty simple, right!

For complete details on using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons see our " " FAQ forum topic.

SimpleFraud handles your chargebacks and reimburses you when they occur.

It doesn't matter if the order was approved for chargeback insurance or not, if you receive a chargeback on any order SimpleFraud has checked for fraud, make sure we know, it takes nothing more than a moment and can be submitted right through your case console - it's really that simple!

  • When you receive a chargeback for an order all you have to do is click the submit chargeback button in your case console
  • If the order was a case created in SimpleFraud with a guarantee against chargeback you are entitled to be reimbursed for the chargeback and any associated fees.
  • When you click the chargeback button a form opens and you have a couple pieces of information you need to provide and that's it.
  • Once your chargeback is processed, usually within 72 hours - you will be notified as well as the case in your case console will update to the chargeback approved/paid status.
  • If you are submitting a chargeback for a case that was not guaranteed by SimpleFraud you will not be reimbursed for the chargeback, however you will help improve the machine learning models SImpleFraud uses to make decisions and combat fraud.
  • When you submit the chargeback SimpleFraud has already collected all the order details and client information it needs for your case. Less hassle, less time ...simple!

For complete details on SimpleFraud's chargeback process please visit our " " FAQs forum

SimpleFraud also provides a premium score based solution ready to replace your current fraud prevention service out of the box.

If complete order assurance isn't enough, you can't beat SimpleFraud's Advanced ScorePlus platform featuring a premium score based fraud solution. Advanced ScorePlus utilizes the same algorithms and machine learning models as our Guaranteed CompletePlus platform providing a score based fraud prevention solutions with a wider range of management tools and solutions provided on a per order / case by case basis.

  • When we say advanced we mean advanced. SimpleFraud utilizes dozens of resources when scoring a case both public and proprietary all checked and compared in real-time. MaxMind (a score based solution you may be familiar with) is one of the dozens of resources used when a case is scored and only amounts to small factor in the overall final score.
  • Unlike SimpleFraud if you use or have ever used MaxMind or other fraud prevention solutions you know there OK but just not enough, and as with all other solutions there is no guarantee on the results you get meaning your still liable for any chargebacks if you accept an order.
  • In addition to a premium score solution you can always request a guarantee for an order using the Advanced ScorePlus platform putting the liability for any chargebacks on SimpleFraud and not on you.
  • Guaranteed CompletePlus platform users can also benefit with the added availability to use the Advanced ScorePlus platform and premium scoring as a fallback or secondary solution providing more configurable automated features and options.

For complete details on SimpleFraud's Advanced ScorePlus platform please visit our " " FAQs forum

By default the Guaranteed CompletePlus platform provides you with a completely "Automated Fraud Handling" solution

SimpleFraud makes the decision to accept or deny an order based on the guarantee disposition during the order process

  • If SimpleFraud provides a guaranteed disposition during the checkout process your system accepts the order as if it is a good order. If you ever receive a chargeback on the order SimpleFraud reimburses you the chargeback and any associated fees.
  • If SimpleFraud provides a denied guarantee disposition during the checkout process because we feel the order is fraudulent your system will treat the order as bad or fraudulent and deny the order before accepting payment from the would be fraudster!
  • CompletePlus provides a well rounded solution that takes all the guess work and frustration out of deciding whether or not to accept an order.
  • Stop worrying about fraud and chargebacks, concentrate on growing your business. Let SimpleFraud worry about the's that simple!

For complete details on SimpleFraud's Guaranteed CompletePlus platform please visit our " " FAQs forum

Use the built in administrative "Overview" widget to keep tabs on things.

We want you to use SimpleFraud with ease, so we've packed in as much as we could think to help you monitor not only fraud but your SimpleFraud account right from your existing client/customer billing/cart management system.

  • The overview widget provides an instant heads-up display you can refresh at will
  • Quickly view case stats and available credit funds
  • Instant access to cases and configuration from the overview widget
  • Refresh/Update status at anytime
  • Important notifications and alerts are displayed from SimpleFraud including actions requiring your attention in the case console.

For complete details on the administrative overview widget see our " " forum topic.

SimpleFraud's built in case console gives you the leverage to easily handle orders and fraud management in one place.

You do it all from your site, your system! No need to login anywhere else... The SimpleFraud case console and dashboard are built into your customer/client billing/cart management system and allow you to perform any available actions on a per order / case by case basis with the ease of a pushing a button!

  • Each order your system processes when SimpleFraud is activated will have a case entry in the case console were you can review any order and process additional tasks and actions as well as quickly review any statuses.
  • The case console is where you will flag orders good or bad with thumbs up and thumbs down, submit and re-submit guarantee requests and file any chargebacks.
  • The dashboard also displays your overall SimpleFraud statistics across all cases in your console.

For complete details on the SimpleFraud Case Console see our " " forum topic.

SimpleFraud has a balance monitor and an alert system built in to notify you of important events.

You won't get caught with your pants down! SimpleFraud makes it to keep track of everything so you don't constantly have to remember to check your account for your credit balance or any important notices about SimpleFraud.

  • Important notices, including warnings and any security issues are delivered right to your dashboard from SimpleFraud as they occur in real-time.
  • As soon as we know, you know!

For complete details of SimpleFraud System alerts and notification view our " " forum topic.

You'll always know when an update is available.

Staying up to date is important, not only for the protection of you and your clients but to make sure your SimpleFraud Suite continues to run smooth. It's never fun when you have to drop everything to address an update you didn't know was available! SimpleFraud simplifies this using the dashboard alert system, as soon as an update is available - you'll know!

  • Your version is always displayed in your dashboard licensing/rates page.
  • If your up to date you will see a green check mark next to the current version number, if not you will see an orange arrow pointed up telling you the latest available version.
  • If for any reason an update is mandatory to fix a bug or for security reason your dashboard will notify you directly
  • Coming soon "Automatic Update" feature to make keeping SimpleFraud up to date that much easier, through automation.
Add more automation power to your order process with SimpleFraud's additional configurable options.

Providing more than just a fraud check, SimpleFraud brings you configurable options that aid in order management and cleanup with additional customer/client security control features extending your platforms native ability to effectively handle fraud, security and manage orders as a whole.

  • You can extend SimpleFraud's basic functions with additional configurable options.
  • Currently you can automatically clean up and cancel unpaid orders that were not treated as fraudulent based on your configured settings (particular useful for abandoned orders)
  • There is also a feature to disable fraud check if your available credit balance reaches zero
  • More features will be added with each update to SimpleFraud
  • Some features that will be available in the next release are "Close Fraud Accounts," "Block User IP" and "Ban Fraudster"

For complete details about configurable options and automated features in SImpleFraud view our " " forum topics.

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