SimpleFraud Suite for WHMCS - Download and Installation Instructions

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SimpleFraud Suite for WHMCS - Download and Installation Instructions

If you have signed up for SimpleFraud with DevFX on

As soon as your account information has been verified you will receive a "Welcome to SimpleFraud your account has been verified and activated" letter sent to the email account you signed up with. This email will contain all the details about your account including the access information and credentials you will need once you've downloaded and installed the SimpleFraud Suite for WHMCS.

If you have not signed up yet and would like to, please visit DevFX at where you can register for a SimpleFraud account. If you would like more detailed information about SimpleFraud accounts and how credit billing/balance works please visit "What is my credit balance and how does billing work?" topic in our billing FAQ Forum. In short the addon module for WHMCS is FREE but requires you to maintain an active credit balance.

For more information on pricing and plan options please visit our pricing page.
If for any reason you believe you have misplaced your "Welcome Letter" email or never received it try checking your spam/junk mail folder, maybe you forgot to white-list and in your email settings, if it isn't there you can open a support ticket anytime and we can resend the letter to the email to the account administrator email address the account was signed up with if your SimpleFraud service has been activated.
If for any reason the email address listed with the account administrator is incorrect you will need to open a support ticket to have it changed.

Download and installation of SimpleFraud for WHMCS

"Simple" and straight forward. To get started you will need to be logged into your account on where you will be able to download SimpleFraud from your services area.

To log into your account go to - use the email and password you signed up for SimpleFraud with to login to your account.

Once you are in your account you will see a "Services" menu option just under the header of our website and above your client area details. Click on Services and go to "My Services." Additionally you can see from this example image there is also a Services Widget that displays your total number of services where you can also click to go directly to the "My Services" list page. From there choose the SimpleFraud Suite service you are installing for.

if you have multiple SimpleFraud service accounts, please choose the correct SimpleFraud Suite from the list - newer services appear at the bottom of the list by default. To verify you have selected the correct service compare the SimpleFraud ID provided in your email with the one listed on your SimpleFraud Suite Service Page.

Once you have selected "My Services" your service list page will open, and you can select the SimpleFraud Suite service you are about to install from the list

If you are in the right place you will see a nice big "Download Available" above your licensing information.
If there are ever alternate versions of SimpleFraud available you can access them from the Downloads Tab in the sidebar on your SimpleFraud service page.

In the licensing details area if you have not already activated your SimpleFraud installation which you wouldn't have if this is the first time you are installing SimpleFraud then only the SimpleFraud license (one of the pieces of information you need to configure SimpleFraud once it is installed) will be visible.

When you activate SimpleFraud the Valid domain, IP and directory path will display and the license status will change from Reissued to Active.

You'll notice below the licensing area is the rest of the information and details you will need to configure and activate SimpleFraud once it is installed.

  • SimpleFraud Plan Option (the plan you chose when you signed up)
  • Your Verified WHMCS URL (required prior to account activation and will be the domain controller for your SimpleFraud license)
  • Company Name (the company name associated with this installation of SimpleFraud for account users with multiple SimpleFraud licenses)
  • ScorePlus Fee (the per case scored fee if you are using the SimpleFraud Advanced ScorePlus Plan)
  • ScorePlus Rate (the current rate for on-demand guarantees against chargebacks when requested using the SimpleFraud Advanced ScorePlus Plan)
  • CompletePlus Rate (the current rate for all cases that receive a guarantee against a chargeback using the SimpleFraud Guaranteed CompletePlus Plan)
  • Advanced ScorePlus API Key (the API Key you will need to configure your SimpleFraud installation if you are on the Advanced ScorePlus Plan)
  • Guaranteed CompletePlus API Key (the API Key you need to configure your SimpleFraud installation if you are on the Guaranteed CompletePlus Plan)

For now you can ignore the above detail until after installation and you are ready to activate and configure your SimpleFraud WHMCS addon.

If you haven't already, download the SimpleFraud Suite zip package for your version of WHMCS, you can do so now by pushing the "Download Now" button (the package you are downloading is relatively small for how much functionality and how many features are packed inside.)

Once the package is downloaded you need to decide which of the following processes will work best for you to install SimpleFraud

  1. The easiest solution is by uploading, and extracting SimpleFraud with your cPanel or Web Hosting account through the use of your account file browser/manager (in order to extract zip files your server must have the zip php extension running server side to extract the contents of the package - which most modern day hosts provide)

  2. Your other option which is a little more involved is by extracting the contents of the zip to a local FTP directory on your computer then uploading the files to your website/WHMCS installation a file/directory at a time and generally takes a little longer do to FTP protocols and checks during file transfers, though not much as the files in the download package are relatively small.

Regardless of the method you choose to upload the contents of the SimpleFraud package the structure of the content within the package are already in the proper WHMCS directories, making extraction into your setup simple and clean with no need to move files around or modify any of your existing structure.

For those of you that like to know exactly where each file is going, included inside the download is a README file that explains where each file and directory needs to go "path by path" inside your WHMCS installation/setup.

A diagram will be included with the FTP installation instructions below that shows the directory structure of SimpleFraud within your WHMCS directory structure.

Using cPanel or a Web Hosting Control Panel to install the SimpleFraud package into WHMCS

For this example we will use a standard cPanel hosted account to show how easy it is to deploy the SimpleFraud Suite with the cPanel File Manager. If you use a Web Hosting Panel other than cPanel the only major differences might be how you access your web hosting file browser/manager, if you can't find a file manager/browser in you control panel your web-host provider should be able to help you with the steps required to accessing it.

If your web-hosting provider does provide a file browser/manager you will need to use the FTP upload directions bellow.

  • Step 1: Login to your cPanel or web host control panel
  • Step 2: Open the File Manager

  • Step 3: Go to the directory where you have WHMCS installed
    If you are top level where your installation is at the root level you would be in the pub_html/ directory, if you installed WHMCS to a custom directory such as clients you would go to the clients directory in pub_html directory like /pub_html/clients/

  • Step 4: Use the File Manager to Upload the SimpleFraud Suite zip package you previously download. Click browse for file when the upload manager opens or drag and drop the SimpleFraud zip into the upload field and press upload if it doesn't start uploading automatically.

  • Step 5: Close the upload and return to your WHMCS directory where the SimpleFraud zip was uploaded to.
  • Step 6: Select the SimpleFraud zip package and then click on extract file, a pop-up will ask where you would like to extract the file - by default it should be set to the path of the directory you are in so all you need to do is hit the extract file(s) button and all the components of the SimpleFraud suite will install to their proper directories.

  • The following SimpleFraud components and directories should have been extracted into your WHMCS modules as follows:

    • Inside WHMCS /modules/addons/ will be simplefraud/

    • Inside WHMCS /modules/fraud/ will be simplefraud_plus/

    • Inside WHMCS /modules/widgets/ will be simplefraud_overview.php

  • Step 7: Now that SimpleFraud is installed you should either delete the SimpleFraud zip package from your account or move it to a none public directory above pub_html for security reasons. There really isn't a reason to have it accept in the event you need to redeploy SimpleFraud because you have either modified your WHMCS installation or reinstalled it.
  • Step 8: Congratulations your done installing SimpleFraud! You can now exit the file manager and cPanel.
  • If you've completed the installation process for SimpleFraud you can now login to your WHMCS admin area to activate and configure the SimpleFraud Suite addon and modules.

See "Activating SimpleFraud for WHMCS" and "Configuring SimpleFraud for WHMCS" topics in our Installation and Configuration Support Forum for detailed instructions on activating and configuring your SimpleFraud installation.

Using an FTP account to install the SimpleFraud package (in the event that you don't have a cPanel or Web Hosting account to access your WHMCS installation)

In this example we will assume you are using an FTP program to upload files to your web-host from your desktop computer

  • Step 1: Extract the contents of the SimpleFraud zip package you downloaded.
    • You have the choice of extracting the contents of the SimpleFraud zip into a new directory and then transfer the files to their appropriate WHMCS directory using the README file or you can use your desktops file browser and place the SimpleFraud zip the main WHMCS directory on your desktop and extract it there using a program like winzip, winrar or 7zip (much like the process used to install SimpleFraud into WHMCS through a cPanel/Web Hosting account - listed above and is the preferred method of installation for it's simplicity.)

  • Step 1B: If you extracted the contents of SimpleFraud to a new directory or folder outside of WHMCS you will need to move the extracted files and directories to their appropriate places in your WHMCS setup and then use your FTP application to upload them to your web-host.
    • Open the README file that was included in the SimpleFraud package using any text editor or application like notepad or notepad ++ for specific details on where each file/directory needs to be. The following images will also illustrate where everything goes inside WHMCS for SimpleFraud to function.
    • If you are extracting the contents of the package directly into your WHMCS installation directory (local file system) skip down to "Step 1C:"

    • If you are done moving the extracted contents of SimpleFraud to your WHMCS directory, skip to "Step 2: Uploading/Transferring the files"

  • Step 1C: Extracting the contents of SimpleFraud into your WHMCS directory so they automatically go to were they need to before you upload them with your FTP application to your web-hosted installation of WHMCS
    • Move the SimpleFraud zip package using your file browser from the directory you downloaded it to, to your WHMCS installation directory.
    • Once the zip package is in your WHMCS directory use an application like winzip, winrar or 7zip to extract the contents of the package to the directory the package is in.
      DO NOT ALLOW the application you use to unzip and extract the contents of the package to create a new directory where you are extracting.
    • The contents of the zip will extract to the WHMCS modules directory and sub-directories upon extraction, you should see the following files/directory structures added to your local WHMCS installation.

  • Step 2: Uploading/Transferring the extracted files with your FTP application
    • Using your FTP application navigate to the "modules" directory in your local WHMCS installation.
      -image here-
    • Inside the modules directory the first thing you need to do is upload the "sflic.txt" file (this is an encoded license file and all parts of SimpleFraud require this file to operate, without sflic.txt your admin view will error and fail to load when you activate SimpleFraud.)
      -image here-
    • Next navigate to the modules/addons/ directory. Inside this directory you will see a new directory called "simplefraud" transfer all the contents of this directory to the same location on-line as it is to your local installation.
      -image here-
    • Next back in the modules directory navigate to modules/fraud/ directory. Inside this directory you will see a new directory called "simplefraud_plus" - transfer all the contents of this directory as well to the same location on-line as it exists in your local installation.
      -image here-
    • One more time go back to the modules and then navigate to the modules/widgets/ directory. Inside this directory you will have a new admin widget file called simplefraud_overview.php transfer this file to the same location on-line as it exists in your local installation.
      -image here-

  • Once you've completely uploaded all files see "Activating SimpleFraud for WHMCS" and "Configuring SimpleFraud for WHMCS" topics in our Installation and Configuration Support Forum for detailed instructions on activating and configuring your SimpleFraud suite of tools.

The SimpleFraud zip package structure at a glance:

    • addons
      • simplefraud
      • Upload/Add the simplefraud directory to your WHMCS/modules/addons/ directory
    • fraud
      • simplefraud_plus
      • Upload/Add the simplefraud_plus directory to your WHMCS/modules/fraud/ directory
    • widgets
      • simplefraud_overview.php
      • Upload/Add the simplefraud_overview.php file to your WHMCS/modules/widgets/ directory
    • sflic.txt
      Upload/Add the sflic.txt license file to your WHMCS/modules/ directory

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