Using the SimpleFraud Administrative Overview Widget

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Using the SimpleFraud Administrative Overview Widget

The SimpleFraud Suite Overview or admin widget, is a built-in activate-able widget that comes with SimpleFraud. We highly recommend its use and it can be activated through the administrative settings area in the SimpleFraud Add-on module configuration settings.

The widget provides a quick heads-up display in your systems admin summary.

For detailed instruction on activating the overview widget please see section "Activating the administrative SimpleFraud overview widget" in configuring SimpleFraud support forum.

SimpleFraud Suite Overview Widge

Once the widget has been activated you will see it displayed on your admin summary page (usually the page you first see when you login as an administrator)

  • The following diagram displays the key components of the overview widget

  • Section A: Available Credit Balance

  • Section B: Low Balance Warning Threshold

  • Section C: Case Stats

  • Section D: Configure Button

  • Section E: Case Console Button

  • Section F: Widget Refresh Button

Section A: Available Credit Balance

At a quick glance you can see your available credit balance. This is the amount of funds you have remaining. This balance is charged/debited against in real-time based on the terms of the platform you are using.

For more detailed information about credit balance please see our What is my credit balance and how does billing work? page in our FAQs forum.

Section B: Low Balance Warning Threshold

The balance warning threshold is the minimum available credit or SimpleFraud balance before you are notified of low funds. The default minimum is $5.00 USD. Anytime your Available balance drops below your the warning threshold you will see a notification warning in both the overview widget and your case console. If your funds ever drop below $0.00 the notification changes from a warning to an alert, notifying you that you have less than 24 hours to add funds or any orders/cases that received a guarantee against a chargeback in that time will have its guarantee cancelled automatically which is non-reversible.

Additional information about the balance warning threshold can be found in on What is my balance warning threshold? page in our FAQs forum.

Section C: Case Stats

The cases stats section displays the current number of orders that have been guaranteed or declined by SimpleFraud as well as any pending guarantees or chargebacks you may have in process.

For more details on order/case guarantees, declines and pending guarantees please view our Guaranteed Payments (chargeback insurance) FAQs forum.

For more information about chargebacks and pending chargebacks see our Chargebacks FAQs forum.

Section D: Configure Button

With the "Configure" button you can quickly navigate to the configuration settings page for SimpleFraud. The SimpleFraud Ad-on module configuration settings page is where you input your platform API keys, license, user ID and adjust your automated settings.

For complete details and instructions on configuring SimpleFraud please see your platform configuration documentation located in our "Installation and Configuration" support forum.

Section E: Case Console Button

The case console button takes you to your built in SimpleFraud case console. From the case console you can perform various actions like thumbs-up, thumbs-down, request guarantee, cancel guarantee and process a chargeback.

For complete details on using the case console please view our "Using the SimpleFraud Case Console" topic in the support forum.

Section F: Widget Refresh Button

At anytime you can use the widget "Refresh" button to update the overview widget without reloading your entire admin summary page. If any case stats have updated they will display as well as any balance changes or SimpleFraud related notifications

Overview Widget Notifications and Alerts

Sometimes you will notice a notification or alert displayed in the overview widget. This same alert will also display in your case console and dashboard.

These notifications can be anything from a warning or alert to an important notice from SimpleFraud which could be anything from a security advisory to an update being released.

SimpleFraud Low Credit Balance Warning

At anytime if your available credit balance is above $0.00 but less than your balance warning threshold an orange warning will appear that reads:
Warning: Your balance is below your threshold

SimpleFraud Zero Credit Balance Alert

The moment your account credit balance reaches $0.00 a red warning alert will appear: