Version 1.0.2

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Version 1.0.2

# Change Log for SimpleFraud Suite (WHMCS add-on module)

## [1.0.2] - 2016-08-30

### Added
  • New fraud module options - No Response Skip: Configurable Error Handling (SimpleFraud Plus) - Finish processing orders for cases that receive no response during the fraud check process. If not checked orders will be marked as Fraud when no response from SimpleFraud is received.
  • Language Support: Support for languages: "See README.txt in /modules/addons/simplefraud/sflang (you can add your own if it is not available)" - currently english, italian, spanish and french language files are included with the package. Most information has been translated, anything remaining will be included in the next SimpleFraud update. (translated using Google translate)
  • Fraud Status Response: "Pending Fraud Check" - displayed when cases are created successfully but failed to return the case details. These cases can now be updated via the case console.
  • Fraud Status Response: "No Response" - displayed for rare cases that did not receive any response during case creation. The ability to resubmit these cases will be in a later update.
  • Currency Layer API: Currency exchange rates for other than "USD" currency used to calculate fees are now processed at the time each case is created in real-time - all currencies supported.
### Changed
  • Case Console list: "Order Number" to "Order Date"
  • Currency Support from built in WHMCS to Currency Layer API
  • Moved File: "output_details.php" from /modules/fraud/simplefraud_plus fraud addon module to /modules/addons/simplefraud addon module.
### Fixed
  • Case creation error on certain currency types (prevented case creation and order processing)
  • Order process failure do to case creation failure (the order page will no longer prevent further processing on case creation errors, but will log the error for review)

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