What is my balance warning threshold?

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What is my balance warning threshold?

Your balance warning threshold and how it works?

The balance warning threshold is a limit used to indicate your available funds for use with SimpleFraud is getting low and or has reached a zero balance ($0.00)

  • By default the balance threshold is set to $5.00
  • The balance threshold can be configured to any amount you choose (above the minimum default)
  • Email notification can be configured to notify you when these events occur

Please see your specific installation and configuration documentation to configure these setting within your SimpleFraud suite.

The default minimum is $5.00 USD. Anytime your available balance drops below the warning threshold you will see a notification warning in both the overview widget and your case console. If your funds ever drop below $0.00 the notification changes from a yellow warning to a red alert, notifying you that you have less than 24 hours to add funds or any orders/cases that have received a guarantee against a chargeback in that time will have its guarantee cancelled automatically which is non-reversible.