What is my credit balance and how does billing work?

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What is my credit balance and how does billing work?

SimpleFraud account credit balance

  • Account holders are required to maintain a credit balance for use with the Advanced ScorePlus and Guaranteed CompletePlus Platforms
  • The minimum initial deposit is $10.00 USD
  • Your credit balance is how payments are managed on a per order/case basis when processed with SimpleFraud fraud management services like our no-chargeback guarantee.
  • When you activate SimpleFraud fraud protection and management solution inside your current customer/client billing/management/cart system - every order placed through your system is checked for fraud in real-time through SimpleFraud while your customer completes the checkout process. Each order processed creates a unique case based on your configured settings and can be reviewed from within your SimpleFraud case console "inside your system."
  • Each case is charged at the rate associated with the platform you are on and is deducted from your credit balance at the time the order is processed.
  • There is a low-balance threshold with a default setting of $5.00 USD that is configured to notify you your available credit funds are below the set warning threshold which will display in your SimpleFraud case console and dashboard. Depending on your configured setting you can have email alerts sent to you when you reach the low balance threshold.

SimpleFraud account billing

  • Every time an order/case is checked for fraud with SimpleFraud an invoice is issued against the available credit (you can view these invoices at anytime by logging into your DevFX account at DevelopFX.com ). Every 24 hours these invoices are converted to line-items one per order/case for orders processed by your system that incurred a SimpleFraud charge and a daily invoice is generated and sent to you for your records.
  • If you asked for a guarantee and one was not provided you are not charge for a guarantee, in the event you need to cancel a guarantee your credit balance is refunded the guarantee cost.
  • If your funds reach a zero balance SimpleFraud will continue to process orders on your behalf for 24 hours. During this grace period each order processed will be flagged in your case console with a warning!

    If you do not replenish your credit balance before the 24 hour grace period is over any orders your system processed that were guaranteed by SimpleFraud "during the 24 hour grace" period will have there guarantees cancelled (non-reversible) and your API access will be disabled, SimpleFraud will no-longer run fraud check during the order process until your credit balance is replenished.

    Note: New accounts: when you first activate SimpleFraud you can use this 24 hour period to see how it works, kind of like a 24 hour trial - HOWEVER as described above if you do not add credit to your account credit balance within 24 hours any orders guaranteed will have their guarantees cancelled and should you incur a chargeback you will not be reimbursed.

For detailed instructions on Adding Funds to your available Credit Balance view our "How do I add credit to my SimpleFraud account?" FAQ billing forum topic

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