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SimpleFraud Suite for WHMCS

WHMCS is the World's Leading Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform. A complete solution for web hosts.

WHMCS provides everything you need to sell web hosting and related services with high levels of automation.

SimpleFraud developed by DevFX works with WHMCS versions 5.3.14 through 7.1.2

SimpleFraud provides a licensed add-on module and suite of tools for WHMCS adding the protection you need to manage clients, orders and combat fraud on an automated level. SimpleFraud guarantees digital goods and services against chargebacks.

Benefits of using SimpleFraud with WHMCS

  • Chargeback Protection Guarantee
  • Advanced Scoring
  • Premium Case Reviews
  • Easy Account Management
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Simple to Use and Install
  • Complete Automation
  • Fully Integrated

Latest Version: 1.0.2 : released August 30, 2016 -> See complete changelog

Chargeback Protection; Complete order assurance that provides insurance against chargebacks on the orders you process thru WHMCS. If you get a chargeback we'll reimburse you the cost of the order and any chargeback fees you incurred. You don't lose anything!

Advanced Scoring; Machine learning models that provide more details, analytics and metrics about your clients than existing fraud prevention measures currently available in and for WHMCS. Compared and compiled in real-time. Everything from public records to social profiles - including statistics from MaxMind.

Premium Case Review; Cases are reviewed by a team of dedicated analysts that watch trends in fraud and monitor cases on an individualized level.

Easy Account Management; Everything in one place, access to a variety of platforms that would normally require multiple accounts and additional set-up accessible right from your SimpleFraud dashboard.

Real-Time Protection; Partnering with the best, ionCube24 can deliver integrated website and server intrusion protection in real-time with notification and a whole lot more. ionCube24 will be an included "option" in an upcoming update.

Simple to Use and Install One download, one account and a platform you already know how to use...simple!

Complete Automation Configurable options that allow you to automate every aspect of your fraud prevention needs, with advanced protection and order management options.

Language Support Custom language support, use WHMCS defaults or add your own, currently installs with English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Currency Support You can process orders in any currency, SimpleFraud fees are calculated during case creation in real-time using Currency Layer API.

Fully Integrated; Built for productivity, a highly function order/case management console and dashboard is built into WHMCS, no need to go anywhere else. You manage everything from within WHMCS.

Payment Gateway Support Works with all WHMCS built in payment gateways and processors including ServerPing's Stripe Gateway for WHMCS, PayPal and Bitcoin.

"Simplifying Fraud Management and Prevention...It's that simple!"

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