Why can't I login to my SimpleFraud account?

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Why can't I login to my SimpleFraud account?

There can be several reasons why you can't login. The first step is to determine what category your problem might fall into and work through the list. If you need help, reach out to our support department.

Accounts on DevFX

  • Your SimpleFraud account email addressed hasn't been verified.
  • Your account has been disabled because you have no remaining credit balance and your account was locked for failure to add funds while SimpleFraud continued to create and score cases in good faith on your behalf.
  • You have forgotten or changed your password.

Your SimpleFraud dashboard stopped updating

  • Your license was revoked or your license details were changed and you need to update your SimpleFraud configuration.
  • You switched plans without obtaining the proper API key. You can activate new service or switch plans at DevFX, Inc. where you will receive new API keys for your SimpleFraud dashboard
  • Your credit balance is below zero $0.00 and you have gone past the acceptable limit threshold and need to replenish your funds.

Web Browser Related Account Issues

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