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eCommerce Chargeback Protection

Never pay a chargeback again!

Get started in minutes

SimpleFraud® is integrated through your e-commerce platform

Plugins for popular platforms

For current platforms, setting up SimpleFraud is as simple as clicking a button once installed. No changes to the way your current e–commerce platform is meant to operate.

API for every other scenario

For custom and enterprise-level integration - "EnterprisePlus™" we can develop an integration that fits your specific needs. Just contact our sales department to get started today!

SimpleFraud case management dashboard built right in to you platform

Currently available for WHMCS; the World's Leading Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform. Learn more about WHMCS at

Choose your level of protection

Advanced ScorePlus™

You manage fraud on your own and ask us for help on-demand. Get help anytime from a certified fraud expert without worrying about a chargeback.

Guaranteed CompletePlus™

Let us review, decide, and guarantee all orders for you so you can focus on growing your business. Fraud is not your expertise, so let us take it off your plate!

Watch us work our magic

Weed out your fraudsters using machine learning and human intelligence.

SimpleFraud case management dashboard built right in to you platform

Automated fraud prevention and order handling options built in to SimpleFraud

Automate your back office

Auto-fulfill your orders

Keep production moving, we'll integrate into your fulfillment systems, or you can use one of our integrated suites to automate it on your own.

SimpleFraud offers a variety of automated options that are easily configured from within the integrated suite of tools, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Get paid for chargebacks

Easy claims submission

Submit a claim through a simple web form within the your SimpleFraud console. All we need is a tracking number and chargeback notice.

Payouts within 72 hours

We pay you back within 72 hours, including chargeback fees and any shipping costs if your product shipped. You'll love it.

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